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The year I got to enjoy summer again


2018. The year I got to enjoy summer again. Fall has always been my favorite season, but now that I once again live up here in the pacific northwest… summer. Summer was wonderful here this year. So, on this December day I’m going to post some summery photos I have sitting in a file on my computer.


*all images by Brooke Jeanne

Take the pledge

It’s a lot funner to see a dolphin jumping in the waves out in the ocean than it is at these dolphin shows, aquariums or theme parks. Take the pledge not to buy a ticket to a dolphin show. I’ve been a marine mammal lover for a long time, but when I was little we went to Marine World, and even as an adult I took my son to the Georgia Aquarium when he was a baby. I never put two and two together. I love these animals, why would I want to see them suffering in these places? After hearing about Georgia Aquarium trying to get 18 new belugas illegally (that was shut down) I finally decided NO more to these places. My son doesn’t even want to go either, I actually told him we could take him to the aquarium in Chattanooga if he REALLY wanted to go (for his birthday) but he told me he didn’t want to see the animals like that, he really does have a heart for them. Obviously everyone knows SeaWorld is wrong and having Orcas on display, especially after Blackfish. But people still go to “swim with the dolphin” places without really thinking about it, I was probably someone who would have done that as well. Or to the dolphin show they now have at the Georgia Aquarium, or near the gulf coast beaches. I read a long reads article by a former dolphin trainer there and it’s really sad. Last time we went to the beach we sat in the sand and saw dolphins jumping out of the water and it was really amazing to see them in the wild, I think that’s part of the experience. Seeing an animal in its natural environment, just LIVING! Plus it’s a magical experience, almost like it was meant for you. You didn’t have to pay to see an animal that is not happy. So before you consider taking your children to one of these shows, do a little research on this site and please consider taking the pledge, and spread the word!

I have two orca prints and this dolphin print, as well as other beach prints for sale at My proceeds will go towards Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project!

Next painting… Linnunrata ‘path of the birds’

I have been meaning to start on this painting for a LONG time. I’m part Finnish and I always thought this story was cool. It’s sad what happened to all of these birds in real life.

Linnunrata ‘path of the birds’ in finnish, the Milky Way.. They said it was the path the birds migrated on in the creation story..

Raptors & owls were persecuted to the point of local extinction in Finland and other places.. Where cultures always loved raptors & admired them and in the Finnish creation story the world was formed out of a bird egg, yet people still hunted & killed them with pole traps, ripping the legs off, collecting the eggs, etc . What humans do to the earth and it’s creatures is truly unimaginable, especially when you consider that our oldest stories have the earth actually forming OUT of one of these amazing creatures eggs.. 2eeda51929365dfa8b17171eb65751813d0e23c27ed0ca84316d196ddef2e34c5ff9f04e5cc93863bcdf1bf06e53d98139f01e0cb23680cdfc05382d00fdbdfba6077a7e2212bdfc29d6c739b6bff310d598e7ebe976cfc50c690e83c5247a0cf1d4a9eb561d467d1569d5dfc63f006a

My path will show some of these birds & stars..


sea star

The Starfish is a resilient creature that constantly regenerates, intuitively navigates the sea, and directly impacts its ecological community. A highly sensitive creature, the Starfish can help us sort our own feelings. They symbolize guidance, intuition, and vigilance. The star of the sea reminds us that we are always guided, even from the depths.


I had a dream about a light blue starfish the other night.  I was near some cottages that were up on those stilt things, where the water goes underneath. I had to walk through the water and back to the shore. A huge sea snake slithered by and I had to dodge it. I made it to the shore and my son was there and my mom. And then I saw a light blue starfish moving all around, way faster than they do in real life. It was pretty cool.


I love this article: